Top Ten Cameras 2016

There are lots of cameras on the market so we have summarised the top ten.

When purchasing a camera we need to consider two things:

  • How much were able to spend
  • How we intend to use the product

Compact and Bridge Cameras are best for casual use if you prefer automatic setting mode(s). Higher end models will cater for those interested in manual settings.

Bridge cameras lay midway between a compact camera and an interchangeable-lens system. They have permanent, generally very long zoom lenses and a similar feel to a DSLR. Most have sensors that are of a similar size to those in compact cameras, producing similar in quality.

Mirrorless Cameras, often referred to as compact system cameras (CSC) offer excellent image quality, and we’re beginning to see CSCs that match or even exceed similar DSLRs.

DSLR’s remain the professional’s choice of camera. While CSCs compete well in the consumer market, professionals who need top-quality lenses and reliable performance still use DSLRs.

This is particularly true for full-frame cameras, where Nikon and Canon both offer some outstanding options. There are some good cheap DSLRs as well, though, so there’s plenty of choice and a huge number of lenses to invest in.

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