Top Eight Photography Tips

  1. Get close in so that your main subject fills the frame and becomes the main element.
  2. Take more images outside – there is nothing better than natural light. You don’t have to use the flash so your image becomes much more colourful if the sun is behind you.
  3. Don’t place the subject central – the most interesting visually pleasing images are those that divide the subject into the upper, lower left third of the frame.
  4.  Experiment with unusual angles – Get down low, up high, move to the side, or try positioning something in front of your camera.
  5. Take photos at sunrise and sunset because the light comes in from an angle and isn’t direct or harsh so gives your subject a natural orange glow. This emphasises shadows within your image too.
  6. Avoid digital zoom because you are cropping your image.
  7. Take as many shots as you can
  8. Shoot in continuous mode when capturing action

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